HOW TO setup the sample application

IFW2 requires a 2.5 compliant servlet container such as TOMCAT 6 and a JSE 6 jvm.

The distributed version uses MySQL as datastore, but you can change it thanks to Hibernate.

Tomcat 6 setup

Download and install the JSE6.

Download and install Tomcat 6.0.20.

Download JavaMail and JAF. Add the downloaded jars to the "tomcat-installdir/lib" directory.

Put the "ifw2.test02.war" sample application in the "tomcat-installdir/webapps".

Start tomcat and stop it immediately.

Now, under the "tomcat-installdir/webapps/ifw2.test02" directory (we call it app-installdir), you will find the uncompressed application war file.

Replace mysql jdbc driver jar files in "app-installdir/WEB-INF/lib" with jar files of the jdbc driver you want to use.

Edit the "app-installdir/WEB-INF/classes/test/jpa/hibernate.cfg.xml" file and setup it as required by your rdbms (consult the hibernate web site for help).

Also you have to modify the <property name="">validate</property> into <property name="">update</property> only the first time you run the application server, it is needed to properly populate the db.

TIP: Don't forget to enable the JVM server mode, it greatly improves ifw2 performances. To do it you must use the full jdk (it is not included at the moment with the jre) and add the "-server" jvm option in the catalina startup script. If you are using tomcat as a windows service, use the tomcat6w setup interface to point to the server jvm (example: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_05\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll).

Other application server

The application has been tested at the moment with Tomcat 6.0.20 only, but we think that it should work with any other 2.5 servlet compliant application server or other Tomcat versions.

It is, in any case, required a JSE 6 JVM.

Follow the instruction for Tomcat 6 using tools from your Application Server to unpack the "ifw2.test02.war" file.

Since ifw2 jars are bundled with Tomcat 6.0.20 jasper precompiled jsp you may get 
errors from your application server.
If so, you have to extract the jsp files from the ifw2 jars, place them in the
WEB-INF directory of the "ifw2.test02.war" file and edit the "web.xml" file
to directly point these jsp rather than their precompiled version.